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The 3 R's of Social Media Branding


Learn about the 3 R's of social media brandingSocial media is constantly changing for the user and for the small business marketer. However, in my experience over the past 15 years there have been some tactics that do remain constant for your website and for social media. The 3 "R's" of social media emerged out of a need to explain to my clients and students which tactics will work for best  generating traffic and improving search engine result standings. These 3 simple points will really make a difference in your online presence. It does take commitment, but I think once you make the commitment you will see the payoff.


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The Ultimate Website Review Checklist for 2014Website Review Checklist - Check It!


It's a brand new year and it's time to pay attention to your website right now! This is the perfect time of the year to get into the habit of doing a once over on your own website. Whether you maintain your website yourself or you have web person handle it, as the owner it is your responsibility to make sure that your site is up to snuff.

This is the ultimate website maintenance checklist for you to use when you review your website annually. What you decide to actually do to your site to update it and freshen it of course up to you, but this list is what I professionally would recommend minimally to consider for all websites. Even if you have grand plans to "overhaul" the content, this checklist will help you make sure you are always looking your best to your potential clients and customers.

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Top 5 Must Haves On Your WebsiteTop 5 Must-Do's on Your Website

Spring has Sprung and it's time to update your website.

When I take a look at websites for clients or students I seem to always be surprised at what is not on their website. I know people spend hours, weeks and months working on content for a website and I see their work published. However, I see what is missing from their website as well, and some of the items are basic pieces of information that are critical for their visitors. So I thought it's a perfect time to compile this list as a new season is upon us. If you don't update your website regularly, you should at least take a visit and update some info once a season or quarter. Working on your website should be regular as any other part of your business. Review this list and make sure you are not missing any of the mentioned items, or start doing some of the items today.

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April Social Media Classes

Social Media ClassesThis month in April the Social Media Series I teach at PACE Business Development Center starts this Wednesday. Due to some technical issues the schedule was change up a bit, but we have confirmed the new dates as follows.

  • April 3rd is Social Media and Your Business Website

  • April 10th is Twitter for Business Marketing

  • April 17th is Facebook for Business Marketing

  • April 24th is LinkedIn for Business Marketing

  • May 1st is Social Media Management for Business

  • All classes meet at 10 am to 11:30 am

To register please visit the PACE BDC website Calendar and you will find the class on the matching date on the calendar. Just click on the class

Also - the cost of the class is $60.00 - but if you become a PACE Member for FREE - the class will only cost $30.00. Becoming a PACE Member helps PACE maintain their funding since they are a non-profit. You just have to fill out some forms to become a member. For more information on what becoming a PACE Member entails visit this page.

The classes are updated before each series so they are the most current and up to date as possibly can be - and recently there have been lots of changes with LinkedIn and Facebook especially.

These classes are designed to help individiuals and small business owners figure out how to use these social media outlets as tools in their marketing campaigns. There is a method to the madness, and understanding the big picture will enable you to become more efficient, effective and creative with your campaigns. Take one class or all the classes it's up to you. Hope to see you there.

Online Social Media Classes Starts November 20th!

Great news! My Social Media Series is now being offered online! You don't have to pay high gas prices to travel to L.A. anymore! Just hop on your computer every Tuesday night starting on November 20th and your there - with me live over the web! It's the same great class I offered in LA, but now online. Here are the classes and their dates -

  • November 20th, Facebook for Small Business
  • November 27th, Twitter for Small Business
  • December 4th, LinkedIn for Small Business
  • December 11th, Social Media Management for Small Business
  • December 18th, Social Media and Your Website for Small Business

You can take one or take 3 or take them all. You can save money if you want to take more than one as well. After you register for one class just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know what classes you want to take and I can send you a discount code to save! Take all 5 classes for the price of 4! But you need to send me an email in order to get the discount code to save money!

Get class details and register here!

Classes are being held online at and they have a great support system to make sure that your computer is up to snuff before you take the class. When you log in before the class starts, you will find out if your computer has all the necessary settings to take the class.