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Website Consulting

When you have questions about your website I have answers. Whether you are an individual looking to have a simple web site, or a small business trying to figure out the most simple way to have a great site. I can help. My services include website consulting which can mean different things to different websites. Consulting can include anything from determining what type of foundation you may need before your start building your website, to search engine optimization analysis, to training, to creating an website marketing strategy. Having access to a website professional is a great way to make sure that you are on top of the latest trends, techniques and industry standards.

Planning: Before You Buy Web Services

There is information that everyone who wants to have a web site should know before they just dive in themselves or pay someone. Having this information on the front end, can save time and money down the line. Knowing what you need, what your options are, and all the costs in between can only help organize, prioritize and accurately project costs. Maybe you want to know more about the options before you decide to go with a web designer or a template. I can also help you find the right domain name and hosting company that fits your website requirements.

 Learning: Website Program Training

I even offer personal training to learn the basics of building a site for yourself. I can help you set up a template based website or hosting template based website for you to be able to maintain yourself. I will simply train you on how to use your template during the set-up phase, and then you will be prepared to control your own site on your own. As I am a GoDaddy reseller, I am very familiar with the GoDaddy Website Tonight and GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart programs they offer. I can either build the the base of your website for you and then train you to maintain it, or simply train you to use the tools provided in these programs.

Reviewing: Updating and Rejuvinating a Website

Having a professional review your website can give you a fresh perspective on your website. Sometimes you many not to rebuild an entire website, but only need to update the front page or color pallette. A review can be requested over the phone or we can sit with you and review the website together. Either way you will receive suggestions, directions and practical expert website advice to give your website an update. provides a greart screen sharing tool for consults Consultations can be conducted in person, on the phone and over the web using a screen sharing program like You don't have to be local to have a consult. I have conducted many succesful consults via screen sharing tools. 

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