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Website Design & Development

Making Small Businesses Big On The Web

Takes One To Know One - Small Business - SB to SB

Helping small businesses create a big web presence is my specialty. Being a small business owner myself, I understand the needs of a small business owner. I really do more than just build a website, I become a marketing partner with my clients. I work to understand their vision of their business and assist in translating it into a properly functioning website that not only looks good and is search engine optimized, but also communicates the clients' vision effectively. I develop executable marketing ideas for their website. I suggest improvements on copy and headlines if it will help the client. I will help the client understand their target audience and connect with them online. Translating a small business onto the web can a very creative process, but one process that I thrive on.

What About Bob? Tha "Baby Steps" Theory - Developing the Best Website

If you have ever seen the movie What About Bob? with Bill Murray you will remember the "Baby Steps" concept. I love this reference because it is so true! In my experience I have had clients ready to unleash the hounds so to speak and want their website to be up and running in days. However, when you actually start building the website, most owners find out that they are not prepared and have not thought about all the details necessary for a website. That's where "Baby Steps" comes in. I help my clients get orgainized with their content and we work together to assemble the content in the most time effective way. Content is one of the hardest hurdles to jump over when building a great small business website. Most people have not thought of what content goes on which page, with what images or graphics, with what links and using what user established keywords in the content. I guide the clients throughout the website development process to determine their website needs and goals.

Question Everything - Planning is Essential

To start out working with a potential client, I usually send out a questionnaire about their website plan. The questionnaire is a series of questions that help direct the client in thinking about their website in details. Some questions may not apply but most questions will prompt new questions or revise plans. The questionnaire was developed after years of working with clients and finding out that clients had not thought about their website in short term and long term plans. Planning for future growth is critical for determining what kind of website your business demands. Spending time answering a few questions now can save clients thousands of dollars in the future by not having to redo their entire website. I have seen it all too often where clients have to rebuild from the ground up because they were not set up from the beginning to expand their website to include selling products for example. I work with my clients to make sure theire website will last for the foreseeable future and be able to expand when necessary without disturbing the core of the website.

Download The Ultimate Answer's Website Questionnaire Here

How It Works

There are currently many different ways to build a website and not every method will apply to your situation. Based on our consultation together we can translate your goals into a manageable plan of action that addresses you particular website goals. Once I have an idea of what and how you are trying to communicate your message to the world, I will write up a formal estimate with the projects' scope and details in easy to understand language that will clearly outline the process and expectations for both of us. I don't work without a net when it comes to website projects for your sake and my sake, it's just not smart business. Once we both agree to how the website will be built, who will supply what photos, logos, text  and other elements, dates and deadlines, milestones along the way and all the basic business terms it's just a matter of signing on the dotted line and stepping up with a deposit. This is the best method I have found for ensuring a smooth and painless process.

What are some website building options?

I now offer a way for you to create and maintain your own website! With technological advances you don't even need to buy any software or learn HTML! However, you may want someone to walk you through the process because there is more to a website than a good looking page. Based on our consultation and determining your long term website goals, I can provide you options from a traditional HTML and CSS website, or using GoDaddy's Website Tonight's Package, to Wordpress to my personal favorite versatile content management system (CMS) Joomla.  It's not just the method but the project can be broken up into parts that can help you get your site up and running with your plans and sanity in place. Maybe you want to maintain your own site but don't want to the challenges that come with the initial setup. Maybe you want training on an existing website building tool. Or you would like to create a long term business relationship with a professional web designer and developer that will give you more than just great programming. 
Website development covers a wide variety of possibilities to fit your needs.  By examining your long term website goals we can determine the best course of action and the proper foundation for your website in the beginning so you can grow your website, audience and web presence without having to rebuild your website every year or so. Proper planning is key to saving hundreds of dollars in the long run. That's why I prefer to call myself a developer, because there is so much more to a website than making a page look good. I work with you to develop a plan that fits you business now and will fit your business needs in the future.


S.E.O. Is Part Of The Package

With my extensive and technical programming training, I can make sure that your website will be found by search engines without paying for advertising. Many websites do not take advantage of simple, free and easy techniques that can boost your search engine rankings. I build these techniques into every page with no additional costs and that is call "organic search engine optimization." I tell clients, friends and family not to spend a dime on any gimmicks that promise page rankings, or banner ads or even AdWords. If you don't optimize your website first you are wasting your money.

I hear about website rip offs everyday and that's why I started teaching classes for website newbies. I wanted to spread the right information that website owners need to in order not to be taken advantage of by scam artists. I refer to it as the Missing Manual for Website Owner and I carry my teachings into every project I start with clients. If you are a newbie I will help you understand the key points about planning, building, maintaining and marketing your website. Certainly more than programming. I am a producer who loves to generate ideas that will take you goals to the next level. With your goals and content, and my knowledge of the web, your site will be more than what you imagined.



You....The Ultimate Answer....
  • Want a website but don't know where to begin?
  • Helps you plan, organize and manage your website.
  • Aren't sure if you want to try building your own website or not?
  • Assists in finding the right solution to fit your time, budget and skill level.
  • Hate the website you currently have published?
  • Creates a new plan for your website that fits your future goals.
  • Want a professional website developers opinion on what you should be doing with your website?
  • Reviews your site in tandem with your site goals and suggests design, function and marketing strategies.
  • Want people to find you on the search engines?
  • Search Engine Optimization is built into every website from the beginning.
  • Your other web designer drifted, disappeared or doesn't know what they are doing?
  • Redirects the website development into a positive experience and puts you back in control of your website.
  • Need some guidance and professional website feedback.
  • Translates the web into a language you can understand.
  • Haven't a clue about social media?
  • Determines if social media is right for your target audience.
  • Want someone who actually knows what they are doing?
  • Experience and education in website building, coding, marketing, social media, inernet business and culture.
  • Do you want to work with someone who can guide the process?
  • Listens to what you actually want.
  • Resolves existing problems with your website.
  • Inspires you to get excited about your website and business.
  • Motivates you to stay focused and on track of your website goals.
  • Creates a fantastic web presence for you.
  • Assists you in building not only your website but your business.
  • Suggests new and creative ideas.

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