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Website Marketing


S.E.O. : Search Engine Optimization

I offer consulting services separately from website development. An analysis can examine your existing site for search engine optimization (SEO), overall functionality, and success in meeting your target audience needs. I can also analyze and evaluate your current website and report on potential problems and possible improvements. The Ultimate Answer can examine your site, produce a report that includes the shortcomings, warnings and current SEO practices on your site and suggestions on how to improve upon what you have. Whether you just want the report alone, or you want The Ultimate Answer to implement the suggestions we can work together to properly optimize your website.


Web Marketing  / Social Media Marketing

Consulting can range from what type of site would best suit your business needs, to how to maximize your marketing capability using your existing site. Learn how to maximize your website exposure on the Internet through a solid web marketing campaign. An analysis of your goals may lead to new avenues of marketing your site on the web. It's not a matter of being everywhere on the web, it is a matter of being at the right place to be easily found by your target audience. Web marketing includes creating a regular presence through newsletter set up and maintenance, or to blogging, or to social media networking and management to buying ads across the web. If you are not certain what is the best marketing strategy for you audience then we need to talk.

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